Trippin DVD


A smart, dark and cunning horror film by award-winning independent film director Devi Snively, Trippin' is a refreshingly ironic take on the classic 'cabin in the woods' scenario with a generous helping of drugs, sex and gore! Told from the perspective of the sole survivor, six friends road trip to a remote cabin in the woods with deadly results. A year later, the survivor meets director Devi Snively in a bar and offers the rights to his story for a case of beer and a role in the film. Trippin' is that film. So prepare yourself for a little sex, a little gore, some good and bad times with some good and bad buds. Think a bloodier The Big Chill for a Kevin Smith generation…with a puppet! Cast: Zed Wilson, Heathyr Clift, Ken Dusek Jr., Nicole Buehrer. This special two-disc set contains extensive bonus features: ''High Hopes'' - Trippin' Behind-the-Scenes -Welcome To Deviant Pictures - ''CZM! Making of a No Budget Zombie Flick'' - Devi Snively Short Films Collection: Teenage Bikini Vampire / Confederate Zombie Massacre /Raven Gets A Life / Death In Charge / Meat Is Murder / I Spit On Eli Roth / Last Seen On Dolores Street /Trailers