Sex Murder Art: The Films Of Jorg Buttgereit Blu-Ray/CD (6-Discs)


Cult Epics presents Sex Murder Art: The Films of Jorg Buttgereit a collection of his four horror underground films; the necrophilia classics Nekromantik & Nekromantik 2, the death and suicide anthology Der Todesking (The Death King) and the premiere of the serial killer film Schramm on Blu-ray. Includes exclusive Soundtrack CD's of the films and a 40-page booklet containing interviews and photos with Jorg Buttgereit and collaborators. Fully Uncut & Uncensored versions.


New director's approved HD transfers
Two versions of Nekromantik
Exclusive introductions for each film by Jorg Buttgereit
Q&A with Jorg Buttgereit
Audio commentaries
The Making Ofs
Still photo galleries
Jorg Buttgereit trailers
Documentary: Corpse Fucking Art
Short films: Hot Love, A Moment of Silence at the Grave of Ed Gein, Horror Heaven, Bloody Excess in the Leaders Bunker, My Father
Music Video: Half Girl by Jorg Buttgereit
Original motion picture soundtracks
Live concert of Nekromantik 2
BD exclusive new art design by Silver Ferox
Exclusive CD soundtrack of Nekromantik & Nekromantik 2
Exclusive CD 2 soundtrack of Der Todesking & Schramm
BD Exclusive 40-page perfect-bind booklet with interviews & exclusive photos