Pumpkinhead: Ashes To Ashes / Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud DVD


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Pumpkinhead, Ashes to ashes: The blood feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys had been raging for decades. When Jodie Hatfield falls in love with Ricky McCoy, her two brothers' brutal attempt to break their engagement leads to the accidental death of Ricky's kid sister. Ignoring the ghostly warnings of Ed Harley himself, Ricky calls upon Pumpkinhead to avenge his kin by wiping out the Hatfields for good. Pumpkinhead 4, Blood feud: It's been two decades since the late Ed Harley last conjured up the demonic avenger known as Pumpkinhead. So when the citizens of a small southern village discover the town's physician has been selling their loved ones' organs and dumping the bodies in the swamp, they ask the old witch, Haggis, to invoke the demon's wrath and avenge their desecrated kin. Summoned from the mummified remains of Ed Harley himself, the creature proceeds to wreak havoc upon any and all who get in its way. After twenty years in limbo, Pumpkinhead has finally returned to settle the score.