Naked Insanity Double Feature DVD


First time on Home Video! Naked Insanity showcases 2 ultra-naughty and bizarre S.O.V. (shot-on-video) one-day-wonders from 1998 - starring everyone's favorite delectable and fully unclothed damsel-in-distress, Tina Krause (TITanic Double-D, Vampire's Seduction)! CHLOROFORMED AND CLONED COED (62 mins.) Coed Suzy Johnson (Tina Krause) and her college boyfriend Biff add a dangerous new wrinkle to their love life, but Suzy winds up dead when the perverted shenanigans go on for just a bit too long. A deranged medical student takes her still warm body and produces multiple Suzy clones, each one genetically engineered to die in a specific manner, thus providing Biff and his cronies the ultimate in death-thrill experience! THE STRANGLED WIFE (57 mins.) After waking from a dream in which she is strangled by her husband, beautiful Suzy Johnson (Tina Krause) finds fresh purple bruises on her neck. Thus begins her day-long odyssey of repeated erotic humiliations at the hands of a naughty doctor, timid postman, Siamese twin brothers, and schizophrenic clown! Can Suzy survive this surreal, fateful day of being abused, throttled, bound head-to-toe, bagged, stamped, bludgeoned and drowned? Can you?!


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