Found Footage Festival Volume 7 DVD


This special 10th anniversary edition of the Found Footage Festival finds curators Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher in a nostalgic mood, delving deeper--perhaps too deep--into some of their favorite VHS finds from over years. But Volume 7 is also jam packed with newly unearthed treasures, featuring singing rabbis, petulant news anchors, coughing snake handlers, bodybuilding clowns, and two body parts never before seen in the festival! It's a celebration of a decade of Found. Record over and you'll die! Taped live at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, North Carolina (2014). Highlights: Special Delivery, Exercise Video Montage, Songs That Will Get Stuck In Your Head Forever, How To Have Cybersex On The Internet, Petpourri 2, Stranger Danger, Uncle Moishy, Candy Pants, Totally Tulip, Beyond Vaudeville, Fido's Wedding, Good Times Club, Red Lightning, Super Chino, Snake by Keith McMahon, The Thomas Odatey Explosion, KOIN 6, VHS Cover Slideshow, The Tom Lewandowski Show Includes bonus features.


Exclusive John & Johnny reunion and interview

Accidents Stink! extended cut

Tony Little's You Can Do It

'Glue Man' short film by the FFF curators