Dirt Bike Kid Blu-Ray


This highly requested family classic is now available for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray, from a brand new HD master. 14-year-old Jack Simmons (Peter Billingsley, A Christmas Story) takes it on himself to help his friend, coach Mike (Patrick Collins, TV s Checking In) and save his hot dog stand. Mr. Hodgkins (Stuart Pankin, TV s Falcon Crest) is a greedy, self-serving banker who is determined to raze Mike's hot dog stand and build a new bank on its site. Jack's primary resource in his fight against Mr. Hodgkins is a motorbike that does everything except speak French. With this motorized wonder, Jack tackles a gang of tough bikers and the notorious Mr. Hodgkins, taking them for a ride they will never forget. The first and only film directed by Hoite C. Caston (TV s Not Necessarily the News).

On-camera interview with star Stuart Pankin
On-camera interview with producer Julie Corman
Audio Commentary by Director Hoite Caston
Original Theatrical Trailer