Close Encounters Of The Redneck Kind DVD


Close Encounters of the first kind: Physical sighting Close Encounters of the second kind: Physical evidence Close Encounters of the third kind: Physical contact Close Encounters of the Inbred Redneck kind: Physical contact with your sister Blue collar shenanigans ensue when the evil overlord from planet Trailerparkia Lot 3000 sends his mullet minion to Earth to bring about redneck Armageddon! Once on Earth, the mullet possesses its first host, the sexy "Chaisy", who becomes the invasion's leader, "Camel Toe Bobby Joe". Camel Toe is unstoppable, rounding up hillbilly soldiers faster than a cat can lick its bunghole. They're all in her sights - "Stack Brickmeat", who lost a testicle fighting Al Quaida; "Jules", a PIA Agent with psychic powers; "Van Brunt", who's sister was abducted by Sea Monkey's, yet still seeks "The Truth" (duh, wonder where we going with this, DUH?); "Audry", a large breasted woman trying to make ends meet as any single mother might, by posting racy pictures on her boobs on the internet; and "Papillion", an affic... addicia... a lover of "The Thickness". But hold up, Earth does have hope... in the form of one "Bronson Pinchot", (no, not THAT Bronson Pinchot, though he's no "perfect stranger" to that man's comedy genius, lol, get it, ha ha... ha... oh f*** you!)... a seemingly average teenager who loves the classic adventures of his comic book hero "Taint Man". It seems Bronson is the latest in a long line of space police with the power to stop this redneck rampage. But is he willing to he accept his true calling and unleash his true power, becoming one Captain Skanky McHaggis of the 3rd Intergalactic Armada Regiment? Or will Earth... ok, ok, of course he will, and that ain't no spoiler, well unless you're a complete rube, anyway... it'll be all business in the front and party in the back when these two finally match meager wits and even sadder battle skills for the fate of mankind... and some of them woman folk too!