Blood Soaked DVD


A freshman on her first day of college is seduced by an older co-ed and shares a sleepless night in the New Mexico desert. But this newly formed lesbian couple's first day together is violently interrupted by a pair of orphaned sisters with a taste for kidnapping, torture and the creation of flesh-eating zombies in their underground bunker! As they fight for their lives and attempt escape, the couple uncovers the sister's terrifying plan for a Fourth Reich army of the dead. Now, only the couple's wits and survival skills will save them from this undead Nazi nightmare. Featuring music by Eternal of Wu-Tang Killa Beez.


Director's Commentary
Cast Commentary
Live Audience Track - Pollygrind 2013
Cast Video introduction 'Two Drunk Girls Vs. the introduction'
Original short Film 'This Side of Nightmare'
Free Song Download from ETERNAL of Wu Tang