Bite DVD


Welcome to Hell on earth! Freaks, fighting, and bloodshed fill the post-apocalyptic streets as a mysterious disease called THE BITE turns innocent people into bloodthirsty vampires. Walking amongst them is Nick Hazzard (Joel D. Wynkoop) a survivalist out to kill the savage creatures, save the world, and avenge his wife’s death.

THE BITE is one of the greatest shot on video movies in the world. A post-apocalyptic vampire movie with a $600 budget, a wild cast of actors, and lots of fake fangs.

You simply haven't lived until you've heard Gustavo Perez deliver one of the greatest movie lines ever: "“Yo, bro! That was my lady. She wanted to have sex with me REAL BAD!”

Treat yourself to the first ever official DVD release of this shot-on-video insane-o fest. It's a Tampa underground treasure filled with:

Fighting, stabbing, neck snapping, and a ton o’ killing.

Porn star Karen Thomas (XXX’s Caren Caan) sucking blood in the years before she started sucking other things on-screen.

Joel Wynkoop doing his best Snake Plissken type acting as he whips the hell out of the big, bad vampires.

All kinds of vampires! - Midget vampires, redneck vampires, smooth ebony vampires, future porn star vampires, and more!