American Gore Stories Volume 3: Redneck Psychopaths In The Last Farmhouse On The Left DVD


Dead Body Man 1-3 - Willie is your typical guy. He's good with animals. He's good with children. He's good with women. Willie is also really good with MEAT! Called by God to cleanse the world, Willie seeks out prostitutes and bad people. He enjoys torturing them mercilessly in his basement before ridding the world of their disgusting filth. As time wears on, so do Willie's nerves. He tries his best at a normal life by joining a serial killer support group, seeks full time employment and even talks to the voices in his head. Nothing seems to help Willie, and he ends up taking drastic measures to finally put an end to it all. Its a warm-hearted tale about a man and the meaning of life. PLUS Aspiring Psychopath - All Lucinda wanted to do was learn how to kill like a serial killer. Day by day she would watch other killers and their daily routines. She studied how they picked their victims, how they tortured them, and how they killed them. Lucinda has learned all that she needs to know and is ready to go out on her own but, before she can start her own killing spree, she must take out the teacher she learned from.