American Gore Stories Volume 2: Movies That Made My Mom Puke DVD


500 Unit Limited Edition 5 DVD Set HORNO - Porn director Ron aspires to greatness, but never quite achieves it - that is until "Children of the Cornhole", a horror/porno hybrid! Yes, it's a "horno" film, but things soon go horribly wrong when life begins to imitate "art" in the worst possible way. PETER ROTTENTAIL - Part man, part rabbit... all evil! SKI WOLF - Will the SKI WOLF thwart the evil rich kids plan and bring the party back to the mountain slopes? DRIVE-IN MADNESS - Well here's a collection of some of the best Bomb Shells, Babes, Monsters, Murderers, Mad Men, and Mayhem ever assembled on one outrageous video! DIRTY COP NO DONUT - Follow a police officer on the beat as he takes the law into his own hands and slugs out his own brand of justice to each and every "perp" who crosses his path These are all individually packaged DVD's, with artwork and extras, packed into one 5 DVD gift set!