American Gore Stories Volume 1: Serial Killers Gone Wild DVD


500 Unit Limited Edition 5 DVD Set CLAY - Clay is a killer. He walks the streets, picking his victims by fate. Behind his madness lies Sam, his father, a man who unknowingly raised a serial killer by filling his child's head with years upon years of evil stories, lies, bitterness, abuse and fear. Now Clay has grown up, and his father's vicious rule over him is headed to a certain end... MIDNIGHT 2 - Abraham, the last surviving member of the crazed family, has taken up residence in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Armed with a video camera and his various implements of death, he stalks the streets of the city to satisfy his bloodlust...searching the psyches of his victims for his perfect mate. I SPIT CHEW ON YOUR GRAVE - When a group of busty Chicks, pimped out by their mystical magical warlock leader, rape the wrong man, a load of vengeance is heaped down upon them in this dark tale. HORROR ROCK - Terrifying, heart stopping scenes from the most spine-tingling horror films ever made with some of the hottest classic indie rock music performed by the absolutely wickedest bands! HOLLA IF HEAR ME KILL YOU - A couple of singers and their friends are working late at their studio when a masked serial killer shows up and ruins all the fun. Who could this mysterious killer be and why does he want to kill the singers? These are all individually packaged DVD's, with artwork and extras, packed into one 5 DVD gift set!