42nd Street Pete's Sleazy Grindhouse Picture Show Volume 2 DVD


Four of the sleaziest, slimiest and most depraved features from the 1970s Grindhouse circuit - shown non-stop! ...Courtesy of 42nd Street Pete! Collection includes Tattooed Lady (1977), Hawaii Sex-O (1971) and Love Lies Waiting (1974) . From the late 60s to the mid 90s you could always find a grindhouse, shoebox, or storefront theater running non-stop sleaze. Some were actually open 24/7 like that Den of Depravity, The Harem, which showed four continuous features. Being that most of these films ran a scant 60 minutes or less, you got at least four hours of personal pleasure for only 99 cents in the golden 70s. These theaters were creepy places: dimly lit, bathrooms a mugger's paradise, and a staggering array of human flotsam was on display including junkies, winos, low-end career criminals, hookers, drag queens, and homeless guys looking for a place to sleep. This DVD represents the way these grindhouse gems were shown - non stop!