42nd Street Pete's Dirty Movies DVD


Welcome to Dirty Movies: a brand spanking new series showcasing many of the 'lost' and forgotten smutty jewels and gems of porn's Golden Age, hosted by Grindhouse Personality 42nd Street Pete. It's a glittering selection of grimy films that were shown in some of the finer sleaze-pits of 42nd Street and, believe me, that ain't saying much about the quality of said establishments. This 2-disc collection includes Private, Private with Rene Bond, Weekend Roulette, Sex Interviews, Crystal Balled, Breadfast in Bed, Bananas and Party Games. So pop open that bottle of cheap rum, fire up that joint, and let's enjoy these long-buried triple X treasures from the sick, sick, oh-so-sick '70s. Mr. Projectionist, roll the son of a gun...Special features include - Brand New Transfers from the Original '70s Film Prints - Intros by Grindhouse Personality 42nd Street Pete - Bonus Short An Orgy of Outtakes - Liner Notes by 42nd Street Pete - After Hours Trailer Vault